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trust, collaboration, increased sales, customer-centric and purposeful leadership


EXPERIENCE UK is a team of organisational and human development specialists who are dedicated to creating organisational cultures where people can flourish and grow.

We work best when partnering with organisations desiring support and commitment from their employees when introducing change. We are also highly experienced in providing sales, negotiation and management training in multi-national companies.

We resonate with Yogi Berra's often-used phrase, In theory, putting theory into practice is easy but in practice - it isn't, and gladly take on the challenge of encouraging personal and professional change. Moreover, we accompany our clients on the entire journey.

We are currently working with clients from a variety of industry sectors, such as Airports, IT, Petroleum, Banking, Telecommunications, Retail Sales in countries like Austria, Spain, Germany, Turkey, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

We endeavour to live by our values of respecting all human communication and needs, to be able to UNDERSTAND CLIENTS’ NEEDS, be PROFESSIONAL IN OUR WORK and to LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

Here at Experience UK, our team of associates have known each other for more than 20 years. As our paths crossed on various corporate training events, we found synergy in our approach and decided that working together was the perfect way to offer our clients a unique range of expertise, as well as global reach.

This well-known kitchen retail outlet in the Middle East raised its revenue by 43% over just two years. They were supported by a 'Resultant' who did more than simply design and deliver training by inviting the general manager – who demonstrated commitment and dedication to the organisational change – to regularly co-facilitate the experiential workshops.

At Experience UK, we remain grateful for life's frequent opportunities to learn. Since 2006, we have actively helped the children and teachers at Shamrock School in Nepal by providing both financial backing, and on site support. Each year, we visit the school to offer and develop teaching and organisational skills which in turn enables us to continue to establish and grow our offering.


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