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Customer Culture Survey


Measure your Customer-Centric Culture (MRI)™

The Market Responsiveness Index (MRI)™ provides a powerful benchmark by which companies can rank and rate their level of responsiveness to customers' needs, competitive threats, market and business environmental changes against other companies in their industry/adjacent markets.


of companies claim that they are customer focused


of customers agree!

(Source: forrester research (2012))

Clients tell their stories with the MRI™

Dr David Cooke, Managing Director, Konica Minolta Australia has had so many positive comments for listening.

Ryan Rampersaud Managing Director - BlackRock: What are the benefits of implementing the MRI?

John Hooper CFO Ergon Energy describes how MRI provided the skill sets and permanent cultural realignment map which sticks.

Russell Stanners CEO Vodafone New Zealand - What value was there in doing the MRI assessment?

Why measure customer-centric culture?

A strong customer culture is the single most important driver of future business performance. Customer culture is to performance what living is to breathing. Now, it can be measured using the MRI - a valid tool based on years of systematic research.

What does it Measure?

There are numerous elements to any corporate culture. However, the MRI™ measures only the cultural factors that are most directly linked to competitive advantage and business performance.

What is the MRI™?

The Market Responsiveness Index (MRI)™ provides a robust benchmark by which companies can rank and rate their level of responsiveness to customers needs, competitive threats, and market and business environment change against other organisations in their industry/adjacent markets.

It is a web-based staff survey tool that measures the level of customer-centric behaviours (culture) within a business. After comparing the results to global, cross-industry benchmarks, our clients are in a better position to consider future actions.

The assessment is easy to administer, straightforward and intuitive to complete, and extremely useful in delivering understandable, detailed and actionable findings for executive sponsors who seek to achieve business performance.

HOW IS it MeasureD?

Businesses are benchmarked against a global database of more than 200 companies across industries and geographies. You will see how your business stacks up against the best in a chart like those below.


• Helps you focus on those customer culture factors that are critical to your strategy.

• Enables you to measure and benchmark your most important customer culture drivers, set targets, take action and track progress.

• Creates a unified focus on the customer and helps communicate priorities to all employees.

• Enables you to engage and inspire employees to focus on activities that provide value for customers.