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Management Development


Whereas training introduces new concepts and best practices, 'development' focuses on experience, self reflection and 'next practices'. At Experience UK Ltd we don’t train leaders; we 'develop' them – a subtle yet important distinction. 

Does the best seller become the best sales manager?

Have you ever heard the cliché, "people leave managers not companies?" New Manager training is essential.

Great managers are made - not born.

Becoming an effective manager requires not only acquiring new skills and knowledge, but also to undergo difficult personal change.


Do good managers automatically become the best leaders?

Developing the most effective style of leadership for your organisation depends on all stakeholders involved. 

The Leader's style IS the Corporate Culture.

Would you like to remembered as a leader with authority, or one of authenticity?

Can you adapt your skills and self-awareness to lead across cultures and borders?


How can you find the time and the right way to coach?

How can managers who prioritise pivot charts and sales measurements above coaching make their numbers?

For every hard KPI, which needs to be reached, there are at least three soft KPIs that need to be coached.


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