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Effective Sales Coach


Sales coaching requires a trusting and unique relationship.

 “One size never fits all." It is one-to-one approach which builds on every sales professional's strengths. A sales coach cannot manage sales - he/she can only help uncover and encourage positive sales behaviours in sellers to achieve better results. 

Unfortunately, most training efforts fail to reach their objectives, in large part due to the absence of any kind of reinforcement or coaching.

A study carried out by Neil Rackham, showed that most training efforts fail due to a lack of post-training coaching or reinforcement, resulting in a loss of 87% of the knowledge acquired. That’s a waste of 87 cents on every euro spent on formal development efforts.

How can managers who prioritise pivot charts and sales measurements above coaching make their numbers? 

of learning is lost, when it is not embedded by formal post-training coaching

Content summary

Experiential exercises allow participants to 'feel' the great rewards  of formal coaching.

  • Giving Feedback
  • Helping sellers to 
            to plan
            to prospect
            to uncover client needs
            to close 
  • Handling sellers' objections
  • Adopting a tried & tested coaching model 
  • Coaching under-performers
  • Managing "time to coach"
  • Supporting behaviour change & sustainable habits

Who should attend

> Existing sales managers

> Managers new to a sales role

> Those who have an impact on the sales process
e.g. account executives (who coach sellers regarding client meetings)
e.g. marketing and communications experts (who coach sellers regarding the corporate message)

> Sales supervisors destined for management roles

WHY sales coaching WORKS

Sales managers have the biggest impact on the sellers who regularly meet your clients. When they know how to handle the pressures of tough targets and reporting, while simultaneously prioritising coaching their teams, they becoming immensely more productive. Their influence on employee engagement and retention cannot be stressed enough - therefore sales coaching not only increases sales but can also manage talent.

The high degree of practice coaching and feedback in this workshop embed the positive experience and new skills which support confident coaching. 

Participants leave this training with the confidence to coach and a set of personal strategies which:

   > Remind them how to maintain successful new coaching habits

   > Structure a follow up of mobile 'micro learning' (sessions of maximum 15 minutes)

   > Help to coach using an easy-to-use coaching model

   > Monitor skills performance - which leads to increased revenue


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