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Successful CRM

successful crm

is your CRM being fully utilised?

Before purchasing your CRM application, did you solicit users’ buy-in?

Were they fully involved in the CRM planning and implementation?

User acceptance is often the biggest hurdle to a successful CRM implementation. In a 2009 survey that examined the pitfalls to successful CRM implementations; Forrester Research discovered that 22% of all problems reported were people-related – rather than defining strategy, setting objectives or defining new processes.

Less than

of sales reps actually use their company’s CRM system

Content summary

The content of every CRM acceptance workshop is designed according to the client's experience to date.

Typical scenarios are used with sellers to give them the experience of how an unstructured, non-CRM approach to sales wastes time, money and effort –  playing straight into the hands of the competition.

Sellers are encouraged to discuss their own needs and challenges with sharing 'their customer data'.  Teams working together on scenarios in the classroom then agree to work together on real projects when they leave the training. These agreements are followed up by managers coaching their teams.

Who should attend

> New sales professionals.

> Experienced sellers who are not fully convinced about the use of CRM

> Customer facing colleagues, who would like to make the connection from sales to their specific role.

> Sales Managers and other colleagues who have access to the CRM system for their own tasks outside of sales

Why it works

In an anonymous pre-course survey, participants' challenges are heard by management. Boundaries concerning trust and data-sharing are agreed to support a fair and beneficial future use of the system for all.

The role plays, based on each client's actual sales process, are designed to provoke discussion and ultimately to reach consensus on how to best use the incumbent or new CRM system to support the sales professionals' performance in line with your customer-centric business strategy.

Participants leave this workshop appreciating the true benefits of using CRM.

The mindset shift comes from :

   > Discovering how frustrations (both from themselves and the wider team) can be reduced with CRM usage.

   > Being convinced of what successful CRM will mean to them and the company

   > Buying in to their own CRM - designed with their needs in mind

   > A commitment from their managers to continue with training, regular reports and team incentives for using the system well

   > Becoming trainers for new hires to whom they provide basic CRM training

   > Being offered more advanced training based on business processes

   > Being provided with a good mobile CRM solution on all devices

   > Being asked about their views on how the system can be used more effectively


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