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The Corporate Challenge

The Corporate Challenge

Business objectives and spinning plates

In today's fast-paced, constantly changing world of business, you are are faced with numerous challenges, of all shapes and sizes, on the road to profitable and sustainable growth. The basics sound so easy...

Increase revenue

reduce costs

recruit, develop and retain talent

...and yet the solution is often as complex, as wonderful and as mysterious as the workings of any human being. The unique culture of your organisation and its ability to follow corporate strategy, is defined by the combination of employees' moods, values, collective behaviours, attitudes and beliefs. Therein lies the answer...

'Putting theory into practice is easy - in practice it isn't' (Yogi Berra) 

A complex web of ever-changing needs, challenges, customers, competition, technology etc .. the list is endless - the challenge constant.

"People are our greatest asset"

The sustainable achievement of a business relies on the ability to hire, develop and retain the cornerstone of its very existence – its EMPLOYEES.

Your employees underpin the corporate strategy best by quickly 'adapting' to change in a 'resilient' way. They are able to do this when are supported by an investment in continuous, quality training & development, which are embedded and encouraged internally by management at all levels.

This 'adaption' support, offered by Experience UK will:

> Encourage a customer centric and structured approach to sales, while enhancing the existing sales strengths of the team.

> Instil a new way of being at work for all – with customer enthusiasm as the DNA

> Bring employees and departments together through transformation and common core competencies

> Facilitate “AHA” moments, which give sellers and managers the confidence to put new ways of working into practice

> Challenge specific company needs through tailor-made training and coaching events

As human resource departments struggle to hire and to retain the right talents, many companies are increasingly looking at the value of training and promoting from within. This balance of hiring innovative, fresh ideas while still developing existing loyal employees is a continuous challenge. Success is ultimately achieved through an on-going training and mentoring programme. 'The ship's course can only be held, when all the crew are busy enjoying what they do well.'

"do your employees enjoy coming to work?"

Ensuring return on investment from training

If you agree that people really are your greatest asset, Do you also agree that quality training and development must be seen as a major investment and not simply an expense?

Like any capital investment, it is essential that the return (ROI) is taken into account when design interventions to develop talent.  

Experience UK provides organisations with a pre-assessment and post-training approach to embedding new learning. Our easy-to-use, (Eloomi) cloud-based, on-line platform ensures the accountability needed to perform from both employees and management at all levels. Managers are able to assist in deepening the participants' learning, thereby influencing improved performance. These benefits are linked directly to the achievement of strategic goals which in turn form the foundation of reaching the business goals.

Our system supports HR professionals to forecast, monitor and adjust further training in order to achieve this improved performance.

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