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What Clients Say

What our clients say..

Global Sales School

Felix Binggeli GSS lead

Central Europe Middle East & Africa

“Simply put, Andy is one of the very best trainers and facilitators I have had the pleasure of working with. I hire him regularly for IBM and the internal clients are always satisfied with his work. He is very creative, always keen to try out new things, and as an expert in the area of experiential learning brings a whole new dimension to our learning programs. Every time I work with him, I go away having increased my own personal toolkit of skills.”

Customer Enthusiasm

Peter Bolech CEO


“Resultants” they most certainly are - Our experience at Malta International Airport has been a very positive one.

Experience UK’s professional approach and relentless determination to produce results has been of immense value to both the improvement of customer satisfaction and staff development.

Thanks to Experience UK Ltd., Malta International Airport is now a learning organisation."

Alshaya SAles Academy

Jens Svendson COO


“Over the past two years Andy Ryder and his team have conducted a total of 15 courses.
The focus has been on Coaching Skills, the Art of Selling and the introduction of customer relationship management (CRM).

In 2012 the total sales in Alshaya Trading increased by 19 % and in 2013 a growth of 26 % is expected.

Andy Ryder and his team have created a change of mood within the organisation and the Alshaya Trading sales staff are today more confident and focused on achieving results."

NLP for therapists

Robin Oxley

Liverpool, UK

"Andy Ryder is an excellent trainer who is very quick to adapt his programmes to the clients he encounters, with humour and clarity. Working with Andy was great pleasure. His dependable and professional manner helped to deliver a high quality training to therapists which is remembered today."

Business Communication

Manfred Merten CEO

Vienna, Austria

"Andy builds on his unique qualifications, experience and enthusiastic personality to create excellent communication. It was my great pleasure to firstly be taught by Andy and then to form a highly successful business with him. His friendship and trust is something the Merten family will always remember"

Sales Training

Tomas Derzanauskas GM

Vilnius, Lithuania

"I completed training led by Andy Ryder and I am sure it will significantly impact my results. I found the training very valuable. 
The biggest unexpected skills I learned are from Andy were about the original value statement, how he involves the team for the result, 100% focus on team (not to show how great teacher he is). And this makes him very unique. I recommend him! One of the best talents I ever met!"


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